About us

About Idiltravel

Idiltravel and general services we inform all our valued customers that we have a wide range of services including visa, tickets, cargo, hotel booking.
Countries where you can get visas include Turkey, Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh etc. cargo is available in all regions of the country and abroad.
tickets worldwide booking tickets idiltravel without leaving your home.

Our Mission

to evolve into a regional acclaimed leader in the industrial sector to unlock the potential of success for all stakeholders

Our Vision

to become a regional competitor and a reputable leader in the construction and logistics sector with superiority in the delivery of quality services and customer care.

Our Values

to develop productive and cost-effective solutions that are both technologically advanced and reliable for the business sector to optimize performance.

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We always try to make our customers happy, we provide all kinds of facilities. your satisfaction is our priorty
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